Thursday, May 11, 2006


Tuesday night was “SONIC BOOM”…all of Anchorages 6th grade band and orchestra students gathered at the Sullivan arena. It was as if Metallica was playing, the place was packed and they rocked!! Just like the BIG concerts the APD was there directing traffic. Which was backed up for blocks at every entrance.

The girls have had the stomach flue … first one then another today it was Byrds turn. So she stayed home. I was a special day at school so I brought her to school a half an hour before school got out.

All year long Byrds class sold lemon aide during lunch. They raised over $700, that folks is a lot of lemon aide… Today was the finale to that fund raiser, a memorial for their classmate Chelsea. A little quiet corner behind the school was dedicated to Chelsea. The kids had a cement bench made with Chelsea name tiled into it. They planted a blooming crab apple tree and gave another to Chelsea’s parents for their yard. Pink was Chelsea’s favorite so every spring when it blooms, the petals will rain down on Chelsea’s bench. They also gave some money to Chelsea’s parents to cover some of her brothers medical expenses. They also has enough money left over to start a scholarship. To send one girl to Girl Scout Camp. The kids also gave Jesse (Chelsea’s Brother) a bundle of helium balloons to release. All of the kids were so happy at the thought of Chelsea getting these balloons. I found my self looking at those purple balloons floating up, remembering everyone I have lost. I am not sure I will ever be able to see a balloon floating in the sky without crying.

After all that I was thankful I could hang out and watch my girls do dress rehearsals for the Talent Show….even though I will end up seeing it three times and the fact that some kids should not sing! … but …of course my girls did GREAT!


  1. That is so thoughtful and loving for the kids to do that for their classmate. They could have taken that money that they worked so hard to raise all school year and had a big party, instead they spent it to memoralize a friend and help her family. I got an email from Donnie this morning, he wrote seeking advice and help on the lettering for the memorial plaque and rock that will be placed up at Don's cabin. I did not relaize it but you can actually buy a memorial rock, the plaque is inset into the rock and in some styles, the rock is hollowed out so you can place ashes inside the rock if you so desire. They are very nice.

  2. I knew I had something to do today...that was a wonderful idea for the kids...Wow that is a cool thought...maybe someday I want to burried in a rock...hehe...then every time I got sat on I would feel alive again...LOL...

  3. Good morning to you Good morning to you. Ahhh Just wake up and start posting again. Everyone is hibernating

  4. Tinkerbelle are you hiding? I have had two phone calls today from people in Anchorage looking for you!

  5. I am here!! and Alive... nobody call me looking for me.