Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I have been TAGGED! Now your it!

So Valette tagged me, I feel sooooo loved….she must have known about my issue finding content for this thing…..

I SAID: I would quit smoking….HA!!!

I WANT: A vacation…OUT OF STATE… with no kids!

I WISH: for financial independence.

I HATE: Such a strong word….but Physical Terrorists.

I MISS: Bottles and Diapers….and Control…why’d they grow up?

I FEAR: Loosing a child.

I HEAR: Kids getting ready for school.

I WONDER: Will I keep my sanity through puberty?

I REGRET: Not partying my 20’s away.

I AM NOT: A FREE Girl Scout babysitter … I am a leader, step up and HELP OUT!!!

I DANCE: Alone…where nobody can see.

I SING: Whenever I feel like…watch out I am tone deaf.

I CRY: In the bathroom…alone.

I AM NOT ALWAYS: On top of my game…but I try.

I MADE: My bed....Did you?

I WRITE: Everything on the computer.


I NEED: A life!

I SHOULD: Quit smoking.

I START: The day with reading Blogs with my morning coffee.

I FINISH: The day with CHOCOLATE and Blogs

I TAG: Everyone who reads this!!!! That means you have to answer all those questions on your Blog….Get busy!!!


  1. Mine would be a lot like yours. Especially the quitting smoking. My target date is August 9th this year.

  2. Why the 9th? I was just telling mom I needed a target date...I need to find the motivation again.

  3. Thats my 51st birthday and I told myself no more smoking ready made cigarettes after 50.

    I'll allow myself to smoke other things like good cigars or a pipe on the front porch swing after a long hard day. Stuff like that but no more easy light ups.

  4. I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

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