Saturday, May 06, 2006


Two truck loads of garbage … that is just what we hauled from the inside corner of Tudor and Muldoon. Rose, Byrd, and I worked for 4 hours collecting trash today for city clean up day. We are hoping for Roses name to be drawn, they are raffling off a shiny green bicycle, but if not we know we worked hard, got a job done, and improved the place that we live.

My yards are not completely done yet, but the last of the snow melted today. I had a house guest a few weeks ago tell me I was ready for all holidays….Today I took the Christmas lights off the tree (because they were falling off), but could not bring my self to taking down the Easter Bunny wind sock, the spooky eyes on my spruce trees or the scarecrow off the front porch. I guess I just love the holidays.

This evening we lit a nice fire and 6 adults over and 25 kids… we had our first backyard hot dog roast, with all the fixings …. MARSHMELLOWS!!

I have to say this hoping she won’t be mad…. So shhh…. Tay was asked to speak at 6th grade graduation… but shh… I didn’t tell you.

Last week all three girls tried out for the talents show… Tay is reading a poem… Rose is singing and dancing with a group of friends… and Byrd is doing a skit. They all got in so this next week will be full of practices, dress rehearsals, and two shows.

I have to welcome the Da Bears to our Blogger world. I am so excited to hear what is going on in their den.


  1. Yes the first back yard BBQ was a succsess. Man I forgot how much I like sitting in your yard around the I need a pit too...then we can just move the mess from your home to mine every other day....with Summer here we do anyway....Love you T but sorry Heidi nothing you say will NOT piss off a sixth grade female. You could offer her money and she would still complain about the amount or the year the bill was made...I know I just survived that one...let me tell you...I thought Britt was possessed on many occasions....made me feel sorry for mom. but now that evil little girl has been taken into custody and a very lovely young lady has morphed from that ugliness.....So IF the family all survives the onslaught of negative soon T will be morphed too...then you just have to make it through two more.....sorry.
    So hows JOhns hand today??

  2. Glad to hear that you finally de-decorated. Isn't surprising how fast they come down compared to how long it takes to hang them. I hope to get ours down before the big weekend. If not, when we have the HPP we can take them down then! Love those marshmellows, but I have found an improvemnt. If you get those Smores Candy bars, stick them on a stick and roast them - they are so gooood! Got to be careful because the melted chocolate will get a little hot when you bite into it. That is great that Taylor has been asked to speak at graduation, I would love to hear her, what an inspiration! Since you brought the subject up and since almost everyone is on line now, do not forget that we are going to have the "1st Annual Hole In the Wall Clan Concert Under The Stars" this year. The activity director has it tentatively scheduled to start at 7:31 p.m., Saturday, May 27th at the Hole in the Wall amphatheatre. (New word for you John). Perhaps we can get the great grand parents out to join us that evening as well as all the other grand parents. I think the count is two sets of great grand parents and five sets of grandparents. Everyone, bring your own chair! I will try to get the time to build the stage, it can always be used for a fish cleaning table. Senior Citizens will be admitted free - all others between the ages of 20 and 59 will have a small admittance charge. Everyone that wants to entertain us is welcome to come up with something. I already have my program planned! I hope it not to offensive but I have a lot of bra's to put to use!

  3. I love it ... I have been doing some reasearch on line and have several skit that were really funny...boy scouts have such naughty little plays.

  4. Too bad about the Christmas lights:( I'm one of those people who like Christmas music year around.

  5. That's very cool that Taylors been asked to speak at graduation! Sounds like your next couple of weeks will be full of fun stuff :)

    Dawn said to let you know that she has tons of hot dogs (her Mom went out of business so Dawn bought them all) so don't buy any!

    Can't WAIT to try s'mores candy bars over the camp fire!! YUM! I'll let the family know about the talent portion of our Memorial Camping experience (the Ravin Clan too!) I'll be sure and gather some rotten eggs to bring along :)HEHEHE