Sunday, May 07, 2006

Just what do you call a female eagle? Mom?

While looking for a blog name for my mother I found this (CLICK HERE)….. Pay close attention to the first paragraph.


  1. This is Mom - Ok, so I'm definitly not an Eagle - female or otherwise!! Forget that for a blog name. My passion is my grandchildren and children. My downfall is my desire to be filthy rich some day !!! But don't we all want that? So maybe I'm the fugal granny? Or thrify granny? Than of course, there's my adiction to walking, popcorn and wine!!! Yeah!! Ok, you guys all have the imagination - you pick a name for me.

  2. Heidi - How about Antsy Pantsy Lady? instead of Wishy Washy Walking Woman.

  3. told ya she should be "The Mediator" the only one of us who will actually admitt she does not have a sense of humor but would do anything to help her children and grandchildren....the filthy rich part would come naturally if she charged for her services.....

  4. HOw about Golden Grammy? I liked it at first but now that I am building a web site... all I come up with is way to flashy.

    SO any idea's are welcome!!!!

  5. Buffalo clans ideas for names for mom...
    tooth pick
    bean pole

  6. "Mama Cat", my father called my mother by that nickname and it drove Terry nuts! To this day, if I need her attention I call her mama cat and get an imediate reaction. She hates it so much, but what she name her cat "Mama Cat"

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