Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Week In The Life

Choir Concerts, Band Concerts, Night in the Pacific, Cookies, AWANNA Games, Poetry Club, Art Club, Girl Scouts, feild trips….the list is never ending, this is my social life. It seems as if my children have taken over my social life, any that I might have had. I have been hearing about adults taking cabin trips, sledding trips, vacations, and adult date nights, but when I hear about them it is usually to beg me to take over what ever project they have double booked.

It must be the age of my children, these people doing these things either have young kids that have no social life yet, or couples with older kids so they can just leave them to fend for themselves. I just find it all so curious how life changes and that everyone, although we have many things in common, are all at different stages in life. Yes, I am jealous, but not unhappy. The only real problem I have with it all is that there is really nothing to Blog about. Unless you want to hear…

Last, Thursday night we went to “The Night in Pacific" at the school, it was awesome, the girls sang in the choir, very moving. Rose and her class told a Hawaiian legend, using shadow puppets. They had several performers, the kids in enjoyed listening to the Didjeridu, you have to have great talent to use a hallow log as a Kazoo. Maybe, that artist and Brat-knee could have a Kazoo off? And after the concert, they had games, art projects, and a lot of hands on project for the families to do. Before the concert there was a potlatch dinner, guess who we sat by, Sean Krik (sp) and his girls.

Friday night, JD took the Rose and Byrd, to the AWANNA games. Their team took first place. JD said Byrd did not enjoy herself at all, until she received her metal and her leader told her she could be her helper for the rest of the year. Oh yeah, another Homeriod spotting, I don’t know if any of you remember Jesse Quinlin, well, JD met her nieces.

Cookie booth sales went great, all day Saturday. It went SO good that the parents want to do it again. I gave them information and told them to have fun. I still have two more to do this weekend…YUCK.

I went to a scrap booking party with Chelsea’s mom, on Sunday. Something I have NEVER wanted to do, scrap booking. It seems so time consuming and expensive….I came home wanting to buy some stuff. See what happens at these things.

Yesterday, I spent the day at Marlowe Manor, the old folks home, Rose and T, had a choir field trip. They once again were awesome, the old people loved them. After, we went to Carrs and they sang in the deli. The garbage men that were eating lunch there did not appreciate it, but by the time they ended a crowd had gathered. I think rose thought it was a comedy act, or maybe she really feels the music, which one, I am not sure, all I know is she is all hand and facial expressions. After finishing a song at “The Night in Pacific", she waved the applause in with her hands, as she mouthed "Thank you Thank you , I know, I am so good", I hope JD got it on tape.

T got her cast off and got a new leg brace. After a short break, we will start the left leg.

Today, I help Byrd prepare for the Girl Scout meeting she is leading tomarrow night. Eat Right Stay Healthy is our topic, I have prepared for this badge several times in the past, It really amazed me that Byrd has taken it in a whole different direction. She really is concentrating on vitamins and minerals, instead of the food pyramid. She has her lesson plan all made up, she called all the girls and had them bring something and she was quit disappointed when she found out I had already bought the rest of the materials. OOPS, I guess she wanted to shop also.

Well, even if you didn’t want to hear it, at least it is all written down so it will not be forgotten.


  1. "Week In The Life" what an interesting article, I throughly enjoyed hearing all that the family is doing. Such a hectic life, but, I have news for you it is just getting started, wait until Jr. High and High School starts - more events and much larger expenses. I think I speak for all grandparents when I say we enjoy these journals since we cannot be there to observe for ourselves. Just think, I thought operating three businesses was to hectic! Keep up the good work and stay involved so you do not miss one minute of it, one of my regrets, I was away on some Navy haze gray ship or on other Navy business and not always at home watching all of you grow up. I was fortunate to be there as all of you entered high school, instead of a Navy haze gray ship, I got frosted gray hair!

  2. I agree - it's very nice for the grandparents to be kept posted of your "life". Thanks!