Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Torn Meniscus

T’s Meniscus is torn in two places and her MCL is sprained. A new orthopedic surgeon, will look at her knee on Monday. Typically they treat this with bracing on rare occasions, like when someone isn’t able to bear weight, they will do surgery. T is a special case so who knows what will happen. Tomorrow, she will go to get fitted for a new knee brace and we will see what happens on Monday. As we discussed the result of the MRI with Botox Doc, he slipped in there that her bone mass was not what it should be. If you did not know, your bones need exercise also. We get it in everyday life walking, jumping, running, the impact when we stomp helps strengthen our bones. T hasn’t been getting that….6 more weeks off her feet. ACKK!!!

Luckily, the wheelchair is being “grown” tomorrow, so at least if she is sitting, it is in a good position. Yes, we have to grow her wheelchair. Spring to us not only means getting bigger cloths, shoes, bras, and jackets but also bigger wheelchairs.


  1. I do not want to hear anything about my grand daugthers having to buy larger bras! I,like so many have no comprehension when it comes to the medical profession and how everything relates to something else. Keeping that in mind, I will ask a simple question that I have not been able to find the answer. If a bone is weak or not growing correctly, or even in the case of older people when they start having knee, hip and bone problems, why can't a bone marrow transplant be utilized from a healthy donor to strengthen the bones of the rcipient. I do not know, maybe bone marrow has nothing to do with bone strength, but just something that came to mind from your earlier posting.

  2. Maybe you should get her some calcium supplements and something for her muscles.
    You know you should get her into pilates. It was origanlly created by a guy who was bed ridden due to an injury and he did not want to loose muscle strength. A yoga/pilates mix would be great for stretching and uilding.

  3. Dad bone marrow, found inside of bones, is the early make up of blood cells...bone marrow has nothing to do with bone strength. It is once again one of those phenominons that interested me in medicine. Our bodies are so interacted that most of it can not survive without another part or medical intervention. There is no know way that I have heard of to "grow" enough bone to do transplants of long bones...

  4. good luck T you know Aunt Shana is on your side...I'll trade ya a leg for your kidney.

  5. Thnks for the Bone marrow answer shana, i had no clue....

    BRAS, BRAS, BRAS...yes your granddaughter wear bra's.

    Realeyes- Pilates and Yoga are great idea's...but T can't move that way, We have tried yoga in the past. Cat cow is as far as we got.

    Remeber it is just another need to get all worried.

  6. Hugs and loves to you all as you go through one more loop on the roller coaster!