Sunday, March 19, 2006

Too Nice

I really am too nice. Yesterday, we went to sell cookies at Freddie’s today, when we got there, there was another troop setting up to sell. So I take my paperwork to customer service to tell them we were here, the customer service representative was already on the phone taking about GS so I sneak to the front of the line and tell her that we are also scheduled to be there and I have paperwork to prove it. She tells me since I have proof it I get the spot and that I need to kick the other scouts out and send then to the Northern Lights store where nobody was yet.

As I walk up to their cookie booth, it looked like they were packing up, as I ask if they needed help packing up, I thought they were already moving to Northern Lights. The Father volunteer practically jumped down my throat. “We were scheduled here since January” he tells me. I calmly reply, telling him my story, the council told me the troop who originally signed up to sell here canceled, and I scheduled this last Monday. I showed him my paper work and told him that since I have the paperwork; it was rightfully ours and asked him what he would like to do. “We scheduled in January” that’s all I got out of him. Then the leader came back, once again I explained the situation. After it was all said this, is what I got out of it, when they showed up and another troop was setting up, it was the troop that cancelled. They were quickly chased away.

I decided not to kick the second troop out, they were already unloaded and set up, my cookies were still in the car. Their Girls were younger and who could resist Brownies, also the Freddie’s at Northern Light is Closer to home, and I was pretty sure it would just be me Rose and T all day, so notifying other parents wasn’t an issue, I hope. So I took the honorable GS way, loaded T back into the car and left to go back across town.

We pull into the new store 20 minutes after our designated time; I unload T, causing her get amount of pain. Her knee is all swollen and bruised from the cast or the new brace I really do not know, but she is NOT on her feet and moving her leg is near impossible without pain. Anyway, I unload T and have Rose grab the box of stuff to “decorate” our table. First thing we see when we get there is a cookie booth. I head straight for Customer service. Come to find out, once again, I was the third troop to show up. As I left, all I could say is “I AM TAKING THIS TO COUNCIL.”

I didn’t want to sell cookies anyway, but this means yet another weekend of cookies, next week.

T, Rose, and I ended up going out to breakfast. We called JD at work to see if he and Byrd (his apprentice for the day) wanted to join, but they couldn’t. They were late getting to the job site, because our furnace isn’t working. What a mixed up day.


  1. Your title was appropriate,
    "To Nice" it is great to know that our scout and brownie leaders live up to the creed of this organization and provide fine examples for these young ladies to follow. Sounds to me as if you were the only one to adhere to the philosophy. When diplomacy fails Heidi, to make your point just lay your hand on the shoulder of the other leader, look them square in the eye and say "just so you understand the situation, I just got out of prision two weeks ago for buring down the garage of a leader that really upset me for cheating in cookie sales, now if you want me to get real mad and kick the s--- out of you, let's go for a walk, I am on probation but I have no problem about going back to prision"! Thank you "Blue Collar Comedy Tour", my favorite skit and it can be used in any number of circumstances!

  2. hmmm...what an example he set for those little girls. Oh, wait what an example you have set for yours.

  3. LOL at dad...your gonna start a new line of comedy with that one...sister I am just gonna say...I love you...hugs...come play poker....oh yea you did and you kicked butt...