Saturday, May 05, 2007

Big Brother...

is watching me... my site is now allowed to be seen on this G rated computer. Thanks Mr./Mrs. computer tech dude.
I got my kid back this evening, every obstinate piece of her. It's amazing what a good poo will do for you. She sat up, kinda, this evening and isn't begging for Valium, and even spoke on the phone. I hope this holds out.
It must be poo day because the baby next door is finally eating and sleeping again, and I must say all this poo talk has helped me also, now if it will only work for the teenage boy on the other side of us. A fever and belly swelling that won't do away, X-rays are clear, they are hoping it passes (pardon the pun). My poor little Leslie (9 year old girl) friend is also not doing so well. Today I delivered some flowers, that I stole out of Taylor's arrangements, she was in so much pain, and her mom looked so flustered. The Moms family (boyfriend and Grandma) is making it hard, they expect her to be in the room 24/7...and that would be okay if they plan on taking care of her 24 hours a day for the course of her rehab. People don't realize that sometimes it is harder on the parents then the patients in these situations. We need our breaks, we need to talk, we need to get OUT!!
You know its kind of sad, just as I make friends we will be leaving. ONLY TWO MORE DAYS!!!


  1. YAY! I got the connection back!! Will be looking forward to you in person again. Arrangements will be made.

  2. Sounds tough, hang in there Im sure it will all be worth it I will pray for your safe return home! Lots of love

  3. Looking forward to hearing that your home safely. Nothing beats home - although that means more work for you Heidi - at least you can do what you want, when you want and you'll have family around you to give you a break. Love, hugs and kisses to both of you. Still praying that all goes well.