Monday, July 10, 2006

Girl's Night Out

What a week…what was meant to be a three day trip and it ended up being a week. No problems I just could motivate myself to go back to LA., I was having such a lovely time enjoying family that I just could not leave. In fact two out of three wolf cubs stayed until they can find a ride home ( I MISSYOU…AND WE MADE IT HOME SAFE). The dust and the mud just seem so worth it, oh… and that fact that I do not/or cannot answer my cell phone from the HITW. But Monday has come, I am back in LA and as soon as I finish business in Blogland I will pay some bills and return some phone calls and clean the house for some house guests and more house guests… both booked for the same night, but don’t worry we have tents for everyone!!

Our week away was pretty uneventful pretty much consisted of hunting wiener dogs. You see Lily and Jewels just don’t listen and if they are both off their leashes at once then they are GONE…faster then a speeding bullet. As we pull into camp Saturday night after a four hour drive the dogs needed to be let out. As JD and I started setting tents set up, the girls were walking dogs. After a half an hour I decided to let the dogs go and get some chores out of a few children. Big Mistake!!!! The dogs were off and there was no way to catch up with them, which meant no way to see which direction they were headed. We immediately sent out two rigs to track them and as soon as the camper was unloaded from the truck a third vehicle was added to the search. Three big trucks searching for to mini- wiener dogs amongst acres of forest….like needles in a hay stack.

After driving from campground to campground yelling for Lily (Jewels is deaf) at 1AM, talking to which ever campers are still at their fire, waking those who weren’t, we wondered if they had even gone this way. Finally we got word the dogs were back at camp….

Turns out…my brothers young female Labrador decided they all needed a girl’s night out at the local bar. After they mingled and had a few too dinks, the bartender decided they needed a ride home, so she called the number on Lily’s micro-chip tag. They called my home and my cell phone (no service in AP) and then my emergency contact in Anchorage (who was with us). After her search for a designated driver failed she decided to drive the campgrounds, to find their camp. The first campers she found awake told her to leave them in the dog kennel behind the Angler. She instantly knew where the over intoxicated ladies belonged and brought them up to the HITW. I still owe her a drink and will make good on it.

I am still wondering what went on that night at the bar…many men approached us during the days following reminding the little ladies of their night together.


  1. Just as a post script, Imade tyhe mistake of stopping by that "bar" on Sunday eveing to catch up on he local gossip - seems there were more people involved in he rescue operation than just the one that delivered the "girls" back home safely. By the time, I finished buying a drink for everyone involved and two for the delivery person, my total tab came out to $84.75! I am sure glad that "Dutch" doesn't have the habit of going tothe bar!

  2. I'm glad you had a good long week and the girls made it home even with hangovers. Too funny!

  3. Good thing I was not stuck with that bar tab!