Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sound like war to me!

I just wasn’t sure if any of the in-laws have read this yet…. Sound like war to me!!

I worked on cleaning out the garage yesterday, you still can’t get a car into it but…with several more trips to the dump…it still ain’t gonna happen. Anyone want to buy a universal weight machine?

I read a very good book yesterday, it was recommended to me by my niece in-law, it’s called “The Night the Angels Cried – A Mother’s True Story” written by June Proctor. A very good book, but be prepared to cry!!! It’s about a mother who lost two sons and three granddaughters due to a drunk driver and how she coped with her rehabilitation and her loss on that Christmas Eve.

Yesterday, I yelled across the neighborhood that the Ravioli’s are done and that my girls need to come in for dinner….my youngest yells back “BUT RAVOLI’S GIVE ME DIARRHEA!!!” ….just what the neighbors need to know!!


  1. Must have took you a long time to roll out and stuff those Raviloi's, nothing like good, homemade Italian Pasta. I bet you used the old secret family recipe as well. What do you mean "sound like war to me" - it was my damm feelings that got hurt! Garages are not meant to park cars in them, that is why I do nothavce one. Garages aremeant to stow your stuff - you have to have a place for stuff! Have a garage sale! If you lived in Fairbanks, all you have to do is sit it in your yard and someone will steal it from you - no one in Fairbanks ever goes to the dump! When did you get word verification - you traitor, I though we were going to boycott that! Well, have a very wonderful ppnitnc day to you to!

  2. Yes it did take me a long time to prepare my raviloi's...and i did not even get a think you....although she never mentioned today how it all came out. That i am thankful for.

    I guess war is not exactly what i meant...but i could use some Drama so ...VALETTE!!!!!

    It would be a GARBAGE sale not a garage sale.. everything worth selling wouldn't be bought through a garage sale...anyone need a heater that would heat the Homer High School?

    I had to get word verifacation becasue i am so popular now i am getting 11 to 15 spam comments a day...and they are hidding them in my archives so it is hard to trck them all down... I am so sorry i have gone to the dark side!!

  3. I have nothad any spam in along time, oh that isnot what you meant, but Spam Raviloi is very good. I think the reason that you get so much spam is your blog site name, I mean like "Erotic Screaming" just begs for stalkers to visit your site. Good oaqoa to you this day.

  4. You want drama? Come to my house there is plenty of it!!! Raviolis are my favorite I would eat Kims share even if they do give her diareah! The neighbors in your hood must get a lot of laughs out of your child!

  5. I wish I had a garage for all my