Friday, July 21, 2006

Perfect Gift

My parents brought my kids home this week and they stayed for a few days, the parents, the kids are still here. Valette and Bridger stayed again on their trip home; this month is a record breaker for double bookings. I hope Valette wasn’t too afraid during her stay because I am sure she got a good dose of my family!

I am job hunting again. I had an interview the day after my birthday, the interview, for Care Coordinating, went great but… I am not sure if I can commit, with Tay and I leaving to Shriners. I will keep looking and who ever hires me will just have to deal with it. So now I am back to wondering what do I want to be when I grow up….I think this time around maybe I should just get a minimum wage job working nights, that way if I have to quit it is not such a big deal. …but on the other hand it would be nice to be making real money with holiday pay and insurance and 401k’s and sick pay….HMMM Decisions…. I never have been very good at that.

I had a wonderful Birthday Week …Thank you everyone!!! Shopping and lunch with my mommy and daddy, dinner with the Buffalo’s, balloons singing obnoxious opera songs, wine, telephones, microwaves, Chocolate, money, Various size candles…there were tiny ones, small ones, medium ones, AND VERRY BIG ONES….I loved everything THAK YOU!!! … But the best-est of all a forty something year old chair….a chair that has traveled the world, fought in wars, recruited many sailors, conjured up business schemes and possibly helped in conceiving me (I asked not be informed in this matter). It has spent many hours napping, doing homework, disciplining children, I must not tell you anymore in fear that big brother is watching…it is probably wanted not only for the stories it holds but for the fact it is a marked chair with serial numbers and everything…This chair is also my inheritance…some would say ..."Silly why not ask for the gun collection!!"

... Not me this chair is the most perfect gift ever!!!!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Heidi!

    Thats a great chair.

  2. Im glad your day was great...I missed it and Im sorry the chair is wonderfull and good luck with the job hunting and all that jazz isnt is funny to think what you want to be when you grow up...maybe you need your own buisiness then it wont matter when you need time off, but then it has its ups and downs so again good luck, I hope you have a good night

  3. The chair is an antique!! She is attached to it as she did spend many hours in it "studying (napping)", and I do believe it also was the "time out" chair for the times when she needed....a nap!! Now that I have learned the history of that chair...I wonder...Is it the chair Shane and I used to push each other aroung the office in Durango in?? Is it the chair we used to spin untill we Is it the chair that Shane and I spent many hours in "coloring" when we were being "babysat" at the office?? Hmmm interesting...maybe I want that chair!!! hehehelolhehehehe you beter watch the chair sister!!!

    oh ya Happy Birthday again...glad it was good...sorry the fat lady died so early!!

  4. hey I am so sorry I missed your Birthday! Hope all is well with you are yours.