Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring Clean Up

Another sunny day has blessed us here in anchorage…. Today I get to start yard work and maybe wash my pretty white CHEVY truck. …Blogging, what a better way to stay clear of the POOP SOUP. The house is semi-clean, even after not having anytime this week to keep it pick up. I have been organizing end of the year parties for GS…it has been fun spending all of their hard earned cookie money…hotel rooms, pool rentals, roller skating...... JD and the girls have been rearranging bedrooms and there has been a queen size mattress in my living room all week.

JD and I got a used mattress last weekend, it is just like new and we paid NOTHING!! JD’s bosses have several daughters, when ever they buy new things they hand the old stuff down to their daughters and we get her stuff. They gave us our couch, several book cases, really cool bar stools (that I had to go buy a table for), our kitchen sink (which is a totally bitching), and now our mattress. They have really been so supportive of JD and I, it’s like having a second family. The only time we see them is when they are giving us stuff, when JD is fixing their plumbing, weddings, or Christmas.

We bought our old mattress right before herring season of 1992, brand new. We were young and stupid, while we wintered in Washington State, we had saved more money, over that winter (which seems like nothing now), then I had ever seen. What did we do when we moved back home again….blow it on brand new bedroom furniture. Hey, JD was going to make a killing fishing! At the time it made sense, if we were going to get married and start a family lets do it in a brand NEW clean bed. The herring season was a bust and we wrecked our car shortly after buying the bedroom set. And we were planning a wedding ….. we used all our money on furniture!! Sorry Moms!!

Any how we love the new mattress….JD’s back is better, I don’t have to hear his daily groans, and Rose now has a queen size bed, finally a bed that she will sleep in (our old bed), Byrd now has a twin bed in her itty-bitty room, no more back breaking full size futon (one of the bunks from JD’s mom moved from T’s room), and Tay is down to one twin bed, lots more room, and plans for an area to set up a music station.

We were looking at the classifieds yesterday, a piano for $500. I am going to have to keep my eyes out around dividend/Christmas time.

The school talent show is coming up, it is turning into an annual McLay event. The girls have been talking about it for weeks already. Rose and her friends are planning to dance and sing. They have been working on their moves for a while. They were going to show us a preview at GS the other night, but I guess they felt they weren’t ready. Byrd is a little torn on what she plans to do…her and a friend want to do some jokes, I am encouraging them to write up a skit with the jokes so it flow better. But, I think Byrd really want to sing a song, alone, one she wrote about Chelsea. I hope she chooses to sing. Tay is undecided, she wants to participate, but cannot decide what to do. I tried to talk her into singing a Weird Al song …we can dress her up…make her wheelchair into a Semi-Truck…She knows the song….I am sure we can make a fake mustache…and find stiletto’s… but, she’s afraid it wouldn’t be PC…but hey she could do it as a woman….

”Driving my truck with my high heels on….”


  1. Heidi, it was great to see an new posting, I was getting concerned that you had a severe case of blockage! Someday, you will understand, but mothers and fathers do not like to hear about new bedroom furniture from their daughters, especially a mattress! As parents, we believe that our daughters are chaste all of their lives and are never violated. You will understand this some day in the future. Good luck with the talent show, don't forget, we will be scheduling one for the "Hole In The Wall Conceret Under the Stars", I am looking forward to the stand up comedy routine that Plumma and Homer is planning, I just can't figure out who the stright guy will be. Have fun with your new mattress:)

  2. Keep an eye on craigslist too. I've seen pianos on there going for less than $500.