Sunday, April 16, 2006

It's Just Not Time

Spring cleaning of the yards was NOT a success, with temperature around 34 to 36 there wasn’t much thawing going on around here. Everything is still frozen to the ground. I tried to chip some poop out of the future soup but it was worthless to even try. Instead, I brunt a few piles of branches that weren’t frozen to the ground but mostly just played with the fire. I smell like fresh willow and birch smoke.

JD washed the trucks. As he washed the water froze to the driveway and the trucks. My Pretty White Chevy is all SPARKLE-LY (it’s not a word so I can spell it any way I want!).

1 comment:

  1. Sparkly is a word! It means something that is sparkly, if it is dull in color then it is sparkless or if you have two items and one is more sprakly than the other it is sparklier than the other. I was able to find all of these words in JD Spell Checker that he set up on his blog site. If you havenot used it, give it a try it works much easier than any of the others that I have used. All you need to do is list the first letter ofthe word and the computer reads your mental thoughts.