Friday, December 07, 2007

I'm running and not getting anywhere, splitting my day up in some many small periods of commitments is making me feel my wheels are spinning. Especially when a big block of time is spent sitting and waiting for the clock. Yesterday at least I got to sit in the company of people who actually talk, the waiting room at the dentist.
It was quit the active day, first thing in the morning I was on-line buying a birthday present for my youngest birthday party, that night, lucky for me they emailed it to me. Saved me an hour trip downtown. After, two of the girls set out for school, Rosey and I hit the stores in search of the perfect company Christmas party gift. We found some thing but for other people, I am not ready to do my Christmas shopping.
We then headed to Party World where we picked up a few more odds and ends; it all could turn into something right?
We then dart across town to the dentist and we wait a half hour for them to get Rose, later she tells me the doctor didn't see her until an hour after the appointment time. Like I don't have better things to do, we would have come back!
As I sit waiting for her to be one, an Older man strikes up a conversation. Turns out, he was a blast from the past, I spent many Saturdays with him working on little adjustment in the developing some spectacular prints of photography. I learn an awful lot from this much I have forgotten most of it.
He had cleaned up quiet a bit and even looked sober, that is why I didn't recognize him. We had a nice little talk about the people I worked with, and what he was doing now. We even talked a bit about a few more photographers that we both know now, dead and alive. It is truly a small world.
He was there selling some photographs to the staff at the dental office, I got to check out some of his new work, which is still amazing. We had just gotten started on an amazing discussion about digital vs film, and the fact that film photography is going to be a dieing art, when Roseys doctor came for him, now I know why I sat in the waiting room for so long...the doc was shopping for art.
I would link you up and introduce him but he is one of the only photographers, that I knew/know, that is still doing things the way he always has...with an old school SLR, a pocket full of film, trading film developing for product, and surviving by selling photos out of the back of his van down by the river in Somewhere, Alaska! It kind of makes me wonder what ever happened to the other Furgi not Fergi?

After Gene left, I sat and knitted, when an older women asked me what I was knitting. In a very nice, helpful, and interested way told me she has never seen anyone knit the way I was. I guess I am doing it backwards, upside down,inside out, or something. I had to explain I was self taught, with a little help from a left handed knitter, and a Learn to Knit Book. I may have to do some research!

After we left the dentist we finished put shopping for Byrd's birthday, nothing like the last minute to get things done. Picked up another kids and rushed home to clean for the party. Which was a success....many kids (girls and boys), lot's of dancing (girls), video games (boys), and eating (all). She had a great 10th party!

After the last guest was BROUGHT home at 11pm, John and I sat down to figure out this gag gift thing.... check it out!! John Christmas party is to night I better finish up so I can get sexy!

Today, I found the Christmas spirit...just had to get past the Birthday's. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  1. It is amazing the things that you learn on blog sites. I have known the photographer that you speak of for years, since you were just a little girl but I did not know that he was a photographer! He has always just been him - I did not know what he did. The other thing that interested me is I wonder if he knows that we are related? He plays poker with us every Wednesday, in fact I had the privledge of taking him out of the game a week ago on a jack high stright. He is house sitting just across the meadow from our house, over on Try Again. Ilove that name, "Try Again" may be a future posting theme. You gag gifts wre quite cute, thought the hat was a great concept. I guess you will not be in any great shape to read this when you get home or in the morning, so I will bid you a good afternoon - wait, a little elf told you that the two of you are going to hide out in a hotel tonight! Don't forget to blog us about that! I am happy that the Christmas spirit has arrived.

  2. You know Gene Ferguson? Is it the same guy? He led me to believe he was staying down by ship creek, but that could only be because he was in town.

    The gag gift was the hit of the party...but the hubby did take a little too much credit!

    Thank you? for what, doing what I should have done A LONG time ago?

  3. Cute gift the hat. Glad Christmas has found your home...It walked out of mine on Saturday...I will bring it back if it kills me trying!!!