Saturday, August 26, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

I could use a few more days like this....where did our summer go?

Before we head out we must pay homage to Arnie. Then we head to the Angler for coffee and the first signs of daylight befor we launch.
As Daylight hits so do the fish.
Our captain a true natural. He can catch fish in a mud puddle. If he says fishing is slow you better get out there because he is wanting a nice quiet spot when he limits out.

These fellow fisher men were really far away, but with my sister in-laws camera that is really awasome I could see what they were drinking...she let me use it during this trip....but it took three months to get copies of my pictures.

Here we are getting borded waiting for fish...also this is the only good picture out of say thousands....

...Still Waitng... Still waiting....
oops waited to long...shes gotta go to wee....

Wee Wee Rock

Crabman on the run.

Who Knows what? it was some catipllar looking thing.

This peice of yellow stuff was holdin up a HUGE bolder!!

I am not sure I have ever seen him/them so peacefull...

The boys putting the toys away....

While we sun bathed.

What a great day....can't wait till next May!!


  1. Those are some great Pictures, we didnt get a very nice summer I wonder what kind of reflection that is to the winter coming

  2. Are you not aware, it may be permissable on the mud beaches of LA but it is illegal to go wee-wee on the pristine beaches of Lower Cook Inlet. Why do you think that little crab was running away, how would you like someone weeing on you? As for lack of fish, no fear "Daddy" is always near and has plenty of fish, I will make sure you do not go hungry this winter. Happy mkyjtdf to you and may the sun shine upon your face.

  3. Should've found the nude beach by Whiskey Gulch...

  4. I agree with the Plumma - some great pictures but it is to bad there were no fishing pictures included - that was the purpose ofthe trip - was it not? Maybe golf is better suited for this group, if you are interested, Golden Granny is now playing the Fireweed Meadow course in beautiful downtown AP - now she is even talking about buying her own clubs and proper outfit for playing this fine game - I can see my Christmas shopping becoming much easier.

  5. Congratulations on your site, youhavenow cleared the 5,000 hit mark!

  6. You must not forget my first site...Bloggled thoughts...there are 5,293 hits there and another 5,081 if you do the math...its over ten thousand hits!!!

  7. ahhhhhh!!! That was a fishing trip. one of the most relaxing days i had all summer...and that is one fine looking skipper we have.