Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I think I like this "Beta Blogger" thing....editing posts is so much easier, I can read any post from the edit post page and can access the comments from there also. I can drag links into post I am writing, speeding up my posting time. Also, I can now "Label" my posts, so any stalkers can now look up specific topics. I should have done it earlier.


  1. "Beta Blogger", looks compliucated to me! How do you figurte out what postings go under which label? Mine are so rambling, I would have to have a label for each. I understand "charlie blogger" is going to be launched soon which has even more features, but the buzz word that is got so many excited is the new version "delta blogger" which is in test stages now, I thinking I am going to to even skip "echo blogger" and consider "foxtrot blogger". It takes so little to please me. My next real upgrade is going to be Windows 98, I herare it has a lot of great features.

  2. Apparently, you, I and the Plumma are the only ones that are still excercising our first amendment rights! Is your site still under construction or all those blank boxes with the the little red x in them a new look? National Rodeo Finals start today - remember our trip into Las Vegas during the week of the rodeo finals?

  3. Shana is just snobby...and i am hopin gin my heart the rest of them are at least reading...but if not I am enjoying it anyway.
    I am unsure why explorer is doing looks fine on firefox. But i will work on it.
    I was just thinking about our trip...and wondering if i could find an excuse to go again? Maybe you should book a show...i'll go as your agent.

  4. Are you inferring that our emergency trip to Colorado for the memorial service of my mother and your grand mother was strictly a quise for us to be in Las Vegas for a little gambling during the National Rodeo Finals? Hey, it was not our fault that the only way to get to Colorado was to go thru Las Vegas twice! The drive across Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico was not bad either - not quite sure how we ended up in the casino's in Laughlin, oh yea, that just happened to be on the way and after that long 75 mile drive between Las Vegas and Laughlin, we needed to rest overnight. I am positive that she would have taken great joy in knowing that we were bonding inthe casino's. I am really confused, I do not know what identity I want to be: Google blogger or Other or Anonymous - do I have to pick?