Sunday, April 06, 2008

Beware of the Bendy Straw!

If you are reading through Blogs and find a post regarding bendy straws , I warn you it is a trick, do not read, navigate from the page for your own safety, for she has found a way to rid herself of her germs, by passing them to innocent readers across the world. I hope I had a chance to return the favor.

My fever* broke yesterday evening and I was able to enjoy some of the pampering my husband was giving, with my bendy straw, chicken noodle soup, and 7-up, I was able to watch another western movie, this time it was "True Grit". My favorite part was when John Wayne was riding across an open field shooting at four outlaws, the way he twirled that riffle, amazing!
If my memory is correct, there are scenes in the movie that were filmed on my Uncle Don's property in Colorado and some of the horses were my Grandfather's. A few years ago, when driving through Colorado, my father and I stopped at a park (I don't remember which town), that looked like a town square, I believe it was the same town square where the hangings occurred in the beginning of "True Grit", it hadn't changed much. Sitting in the parking lot of that park, I was told a funny story about a gun trade, that happened during the filming of the movie... I would like to hear it again.

*If this post is incomprehensible it is due to the fact that I am still lying in my death bed, and the bendy straws my husband brought me are helping very little. I am trying to process the information my eyes and ears are taking in but it just takes so much of my strength, I would just rather lie down in my own self pity, don't talk and don't expect me to listen unless it pertains to just how BAD I feel, it is just too much work to do anything but lay around wallowing in my own misery.


  1. "True Grit", glad to hear that you are boradening yur education into the westeren genre. True Grit was the only movie that John Wayne made where he was awarded the Oscar for best actor. I have often thought about writing to the Academy and attempt to convince one to award him a second honorary Oscar, his last movie (The Shootist) and one that he did not need to act, he was living with it. Hope you are feeling better, take a few days and enjoythe pamering. To be continued, since I know you like to see a lot of comments on your postings, the last one top out at 28 - a new record.

  2. In the movie True Grit, that portion of the movie where Rooster finally caught up with Ned Peter (Robert Duvall)was filmed across the valley from Brother Don's cabin. The town inthe movbie was actually Ridgeway, Colorado. A small rancher and agricultural community. The ferry boat crossing, is the resoirvoir that is located between Ridgeway and Montrose. The reason that Ridgeway was chosen as it did not require any site preparations in the form of buildings. Allof the buildigns are original buildings in Ridgeway, plus a few more. The park where the hanging occurred is where you and I parked to look around. My father and one other local rancher provided some of the horses for this movie. The story that Heidi wanted to hear again transpired during the filming of True Grit. My father was a very large Winchester firearm collector and was like an encylopedia when it came to the gun that won the west. He was asked to review their firearms used inthe movie to verify that they would be authentic, in doing so he met the co-star and in my humble opinion the weak link in the movie, Glenn Campbell. He was also interested in old guns and wanted a Winchester level action rifle of that era. He and my father made an agreement on the sell of one piece and Glenn Campbell wrote him out a check. When dad went to cash the check it bounched at the bank. Unable to collect the money owed, dad finally had to go to the producer of the movie and they paid for the rifle. I also have a personal story about this movie. To be continued.

  3. In 1978, while on Navy Recruiting duty in Colroado I also started collecting guns and traveled quite a bit in pursuit of a good buy. I found out that one of the largest travel and horse trailer dealers in Montorse, Colroado also had a lot of guns that he wanted to sell. I called him and made an appointment to go to his home and look at his guns. The majority of them were modern firearms of which I had no great interest, however, he did have a Winchester Model 70, also a new gun but was unique. He had provided all of the travel trailers for the stars during the filming of True Grit. Although the Winchester rifle that he showed me was new, it was very heavily engraved and had a brass inscription plate enbedded into the stock. Do not remember the exact words, but it was a Appreciation Thank You inscription for his assitance in the filming of "True Grit". The engraved signature and date on the inscription plate was that of Kim Darby, who played the lead female role in the movie as Mattie. He wanted $200.00 for the rifle, which was slightly outside my price range at the time. Don't know if he still has it and by now probably has discovered the value of the rifle, do not recall his name but he lives in the rock and brick home, the last house on the left before you go up Asonfelder (mispelled) Hill going out to Oak Grove. Perhaps, Ranger Bill can stop by and pick it up if it is still available. Good gun traders never tell about their secret locations of good finds, unless it is impossible to acquire the same at a very cheap price.

  4. It was tough to recognize Robert Duval as Ned and I didn't know Dennis Hopper was even IN IT until the credits! Good movie. I'm going to call Dad to see what he has in his video arsenal.

  5. Plumma, don't borrow your dad's, he is probably attached to them. I know where there are 20,112 videos and DVD's, complete collection of John Wayne, thousands of great titles. One of the Plumma's favorite Duvall movies, "The Apostle" even though he thinks the title is "The Preacher". Analzye that number, you could watch a new video or DVD each day of the year and would not need to rent another video or DVD for 55.10 years! At a cost of $3.99 to rent a video for the day, it would cost you $80,246.88 cents over the span of the fifty five years. I am getting rid of them now! All offers will be considered. Any money derived from the sale of my collection will be donated to the "Cabin Fund" or the "Boat Fund" at the HITW, a special summer camp for children of all ages.

  6. I first watched true grit during spring break when I was broke in college. I checked it out from the Sterling KS public library.

    I did not know it was filmed over in Ridgeway. I will have to pass that information on to a friend who is our district coordinator for Western and Southern Colorado.

    I kept telling Jen that as we head out from Pueblo into the desolate Arkansas River Valley near dustbowl land that it reminds me of an old west movie. Maybe there was one filmed near there too.