Sunday, June 25, 2006

I did not need to see this...

It been quiet on the home front, we have just been catching up on some much needed rest and house work. The girls are starting to get bored just hanging at home, and it only took two weeks of being out of school.

I have several extra kids each day and I don’t understand where they come from… I plan a day of cleaning and next thing you know I have several extra kids…who don’t do chores!! One playmate a day does NOT statify my children. Last night at 10:30pm Byrd wanted to call another friend (she had three friends over throughout the day) to come over to play…ACKKK… I guess she wasn’t ready to stop.

Yesterday was JD’s birthday, with the amount of kids around you would have thought he was 10. I should have planned better party games like maybe a piƱata or pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey ….So much for a quiet day with my family. It was nice to get some adult time with the Buffalo and we had a rare sighting of the Prudoeman (you made JD’s day)…I don’t see many adults, unless they are picking up kids from the free daycare.

Evenings have been exciting with all of the new reality shows….”Treasure Hunter” and “So you think you can Dance” are a few of my new favorites. I really got a shock the other night while watching “America’s Got Talent”… I was in the kitchen and my youngest says “Hey look its Grandpa Stan”…. My oldest says “I was not gonna be the first to say it… but it does look like him!”…. I just have to ask “DAD just what do you do when you’re in Vegas????”……

I wish my father would have warned us, I did not need to see this!!!


  1. Damm, you do not Blog for a week and when you do, you discover things in the closet that I would just as soon no body knew about - now it is on the world wide web. I thought, "What Goes On In Vegas, Stays in Vegas", see if I ever take you to Las Vegas again. It was a great "gig" for awhile but got awful tired of those old broads trying to stick $20.00 bills down my thongs. Perhaps, in time I will do a tour in Alaska so you can see me perfgrom in public!

  2. My gosh! I didn't think anyone knew that Dad made that trip to Vegas. And without me - Growl! No wonder he didn't take me - huh?
    Wow, that guy could be dad's twin - for sure.
    Heidi - please pass on the Papa Wolf that I hope he had a very fine birthday, yesterday. I hope you plan on keeping him around for a long while. :)
    What's your weekend plans for the 4th? Any chance you can come on down with the Buffalos? If not, do you have any plans to go north to camp for a weekend - maybe in July? Dad & I could stand to get away once in awhile now that he's "retired".

  3. Dad i didn't mean to let it out of the closet...would you have told me I would have kept it a secret. BUT...Now that you are on a fixed income, those twenties can come in 'bout I get you a gig and you can share with me... ;)

    Mom ... I do not know yet about the forthreally depends on little ol' bill... you know the one that sneaks into the mail boxes when you aren't looking. BUT...I was just commenting to the Bears how we should try to camp up north when they come up for the ball games. There' s a great place in Eklutna...with trails and fishing...but it is a cold lake so no swimming.... but we have a canoe.

  4. WOW!! Now I will have night mares for if not dad...I see Uncle Duck!!.....what other family secrets are they hiding from us..???

  5. I saw that guy and he was great huh! So good to know he is related and hope you will get some peace this week

  6. Princess Sarah, everyone else was stuffing $20's, but I do appreciate your check for $2.29. It all helps with the retirement account.

  7. So how much was your biggest tip grandpa? You can do what ever makes you happy and none of the family will ask questions.

  8. And yes I did a short blog. But the song on my blog is realy funny. It might take a little time to load, but it is worth it. So all you fisherman and women click the link and enjoy.

  9. The linky didn't work for me :(

    I'll have to check those new shows out.

    Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby!

    You can swim in Lake Louise. hint hint

  10. I saw that episode! They guy looked great for his age but glitter?????

  11. Hey, what is wrong with "glitter"? I like it as it highlights my features - should see the new outfit I am having made, a deep burgundy in color, large bell bottoms and hip huggers with silver sequins. Got a booking at the Anchor River Inn in August.