Friday, June 09, 2006

6th Grade Graduation

What a couple of weeks… The last meeting/s of Girl Scouts (Byrd’s Troop) went well. We had a great end of the year awards BBQ and all went smoothly. Amongst, planning an Awards ceremony for 13 girls and their families I spent my days with my sister’s two toddlers (Lou and Buddy). I am now SURE there will be no more kid raised under my roof. What a handful!!! The Babies and I spent the majority of the time at school enjoying the last few days of school and all of the activities that they shove into a week. Although the picnics were fun and all, my highlight was watching my oldest daughter Graduate from elementary school.

Monday evening Tay and I spent 3 hours shopping for a dress to wear at graduation, the poor girl (after learning with Bratt-Knee) I had to say NO to every dress out there…. Too short, no straps, to low cut. A few of the dresses were perfect…but all the nice things about them disappeared when you are sitting in a wheelchair. I never thought about this aspect of her being in a chair… but we found that not every dress looks right when you are sitting. Finally we found on for $9.99…WHAT A DEAL!!! This allowed her to get a new pair of shoes. I tried to talk her into getting some my size, since she is not walking her shoes do not need to fit and I could always use a new pair of sandals, but it didn’t work she saw right through my plan!!! Oh well!

For shock effect and to display her independence or her individualisms…Tay talk JD into allowing her to add a bit of color to her hair. So Tuesday night, Tay and I sat down and added red, BRIGHT red streaks in her hair. We put two in the front and then died the ends. As school the next day she had many complements. Tay’s kindergarten teacher gave me a funny look and made a polite comment about it. I guess she thought I was a little more conservative then that. Although I did not totally approve of the die thing, JD was not either, I do not regret letting her do it. In fact I feel as if it was a stepping stone for her…”DARE TO BE DIFFERENT.”…”LOOK AT ME” … her first baby step into becoming her own person. As I remember it…. Jr High was the start to figuring out who I was.

(not a very good picture...but the red up front is braided and pulled back)

Yesterday at Tay’s graduation, her speech went well. Two kids from each classroom introduced their teachers she was articulate and used lots of big words. She did her speech with a young man. We will call him “the silver child” This young man will break many mothers’ hearts, as he would be the perfect man for any daughter. Just look how my child looks at him. I wonder????? He likes to be called “Golden Child” but he got demoted silver last night around ten; when Tay and her friends pranked called him and he hung up on them when he found out who it was, he said we was trying to sleep.

(Tay and "The Golden Child")

As the teachers introduced each child (somewhere around 60 kids) they would say something about their school career, when it was Tay’s turn to get her certificate the teacher went on and on and on….I guess they really liked Tay. All of the teachers kept teasing her that she was such a joy to have as a student and so smart that she should just bypass the next 10 years of school and come teach at the elementary school. I feel for the kid that was recognized for spelling “yacht” …that poor child, even I can spell that!

Tay looked so mature in her dress. I just wish I had noticed just how much cleavage was visible with this dress. It was not the dress it, which was very conservative…. It was those boobs she inherited from JD’s side of the family. When everyone says she looks like Valette, it’s not just the blonde hair. I can blame JD’s side of the family because I didn’t get my boobies until 8th grade. Hopefully the other two will be late developers like I was!!

(Tay and Nokia - Best Friends Forever)

So with one child in JR high … I feel like …. Well not so young …. Where has the time gone??? Will she be ready for the real life in 6 years????


  1. Is that how I am known through all the extended families? The One With The Blonde Hair And The Boobs Oh My Gosh The Boobs?

    And congrats to Tay for the graduation and convincing her parents to go for a dye job! Woo! I bet it looks great, and I wish I could have been there.

  2. Question is...Will she be ready for real life in 20 years!!...What a kid I remember her tiney self a few years she is on too...bigger and better things...untill she realizes she is once again at the bottom...heheh loved the reality check Britt got on the first day of 7th grade.

    Valette she looked great...and yes sweetheart...your the blond one with the boobs...but we love ya.

  3. Speaking of blond hair, big bobby family, I guess I am the only one that knbows but Blondie Bear has her own site now. You can access the first time through the family site. I think I hear her calling for help from Aunt Heidi. Would have loved to hear Taylors presentation, please give her a hug and a big congratulations from me, I would have been there but my new mortocycle was not operational, the mainframe cracked so I am waiting for the wood putty to dry. You know it is really difficult for grandfathers to hear such things as "to much cleavage", colored hair, next thing I expect to hear is that is is wearing perfume! It was good to see you writing again, but I had expected that your week was long. By the way, I passed through the Hole in the Wall, your landscaping looks nice but if I was judging for quality, I would have to give the beautification award to the Moose Clan. Not only raised flower beds, with real flowers but also a very nice reflection pool. Looks real nice.

  4. GONGRATULATIONS for Tay Im glad everything went so well Miss you all

  5. My goodness - Taylor has graduated! And I can remember so vividly when she came into this world - like yesterday - so tiny and fragile. Yeah Taylor! Keep up the good work. And Heidi and John - thanks to two great parents who have brought her this far. I am so very proud of you two also. And I did, just so happen, to notice the presense of a developing chest - :). I should have been so lucky!! Love you guys.

  6. Taylor is so going to die when she finds out the internet is discussing her breasts.

  7. No we are discussing Valette's HUGE breasts! anyway Tay don't read these no more.... now that all the grown ups are doing it ... its not cool... or pimping...or snap....or whatever ...but i know its not BLING anymore!

  8. Congrats to your beautiful smart daughter!

    What a deal on the dress. It looks like a million bucks on Tay. I like her new doo. Nothing shocks me anymore:)