Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Simple Tree

We spent last week decorating the tree. The thought of Christmas at the cabin has encouraged us to simplify Christmas, maybe its mixed with the thought of the what the economy is doing.

Yes that is popcorn and oranges, and just a few of the most special ornaments, the lantern lights Melissa bought us for our first Christmas together in Homer, our antique ornaments, the red string of beads we bought our first Christmas in Anchorage, and our most prized Hallmark ornaments. I was tempted to try to "sugar" some plums. It is so pretty!

Dan and Janice (John's bosses) threw another WONDERFUL Christmas party. We ate at Kobe's, their show was much better then what Benni Hanna's does. Then we went bowling, where I had a pretty good score, until the Tequila shots kicked in. It was easy to blame it on something stuck on my shoe, because I was the soberest (wonder if that's a word?).
I really like the crew he works with, even though I only see them once a year. Maybe, I am still wearing my stress, or maybe they just truly care because they were all very concerned about how we are ALL are doing with Shane's death. It means so much to me, makes me feel part of the Pinnacle family, that they would care so much about my family, people they have never met. I wish Shane and Mark (he's gonna be a Grandpa) could have met. I wish you all could meet the crew. I wish..... so many things.

I have my cards done, not mailed, but ready to. I haven't started Christmas shopping yet, but hey I still have a few days, and I am more worried about bringing the basic necessities down so the girls are comfortable in the cabin. I want our first night to be the best, and what better night to do it on then Christmas Eve. Which reminds me... I better pack the ice melt and an ice pick... I left the commode behind the cabin, and its probably iced in.


  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I love your tree,the natural ornaments as well as the traditional ones that serve as memories of the past. Christmas has to be the best time of the year, there is a reason that we remember each Christmas that we have had, that special ornament on the tree or the traditions that remain year after year. We can't remember what we did on most other holidays, but Christmas past always remains with us from childhood to adulthood. It is always at this time of the year that I also feel sorry for some families that have not found this tradition, just another day in their lives. Looking forward to your arrival at HITW, will try to complete some pre-arrival chores for everyone. I think I can take my weed burner and heat up your propane tank enough to break the ice, if not I know I can tow it out with the plow truck. As for the frozen in comfort appliance, well that may take some planning, perhaps I should call a plumber. In regards to your party, someday I would like to meet the people of Pinnacle, they really seem like employers who care a great deal for their workers, I know they have always been there for you guys. No doubt that they think highly of the work ethics and technical knowledge of the Plumma, but at the same time they extend that to their families as well. I go now and plow the snow out of the campground. Someone has to also spot two trees in Moose Meadows, cut and haul out. Don't even consider my two trees that I transplanted at the HITW, they are survivors! They come from good stock.

  2. Merry Christmas to ALL!! I hope to get to talk to you sometime...did you get the email I sent you??