Monday, August 18, 2008

No fish for the rest of you!

Three for the Wolf Clan, out doing the rest! Byrd, John and I participated in the family derby this year (for once we were able to attend), we each took a fish, and they each weighed 10.5 pounds. Dads was a monster weighing in at 16.5, he won of course taking the biggest fish title away from the Bear. I think there should be a prize for the clan who brings in the most! It was great having the other fisherman walk by seeing our 7 fish (two for the Bear,two for the Eagle and one each for the Wolves) on the bank, and telling us no one else was catching. The Harrington's OWN the river, give up!We had friends from the past join us in the middle of the week. I believe the fish treated them well, between the swimming lessons. It's great to hear life has treated them well, I sure hope it isn't another 18 years befor we see them again.(left to right- Opie aka Larry, Jim, John, Me, Kyle, Dad)

We couldn't get our guests to sheet the roof of the cabin, but we got her done. Thanks Rodney!!! Next weekend, or the weekend after will be spent laying the roofing material. I had a blast figuring out how to frame the windows and putting up rafters is not as hard as it appears as long as you remember which marks NOT to use on the ridge beam and the birds beaks are laid out correctly. I was hoping to learn a little about wiring but the Bear may get to it before me. THANKS!!!!
Hopefully we will have a Rocking (Sheet) party on labor day!!!


  1. Staticaly, the Wolf Clan came in third in the number of fish. One Bear Clan member, two fish. One Eagle Clan member, two fish. Average per clan, 2 fish. Wolf Clan with three members, three fish. Average 1 fish. Sorry "Charlie", no prize! Speaking of prizes, has anyone seen my prize for theat monster slab?

  2. Oh, I forgot one thing about the statistics, if my memory serves me right both the Bear and Eagle Clan also releashed several fish which also should be counted. I would concede that likely the Bear Clan landed the most fish but then again, I spent a lot of time educating and assisting others in baiting their hooks amnd showing them where to cast so my fishing time was half the time of the Bear so my averagfe must be higher than his. Did I ever tell you about the 16.5 pound Silver Salmon that I caught?

  3. This is a clan, compitition, clan against clan! It's not our fault your clans won't play!
    By the way... shouldn't you be working? the work day is half over and your toodoo list is LONG!

  4. Damm, I thought without you looking over your shoulder I could sneak off for a day of rest. Really I would be working on your cabin right now but it is raining so hard, winds are blowing at about 40 knots, had to pump the drain field six times in the last hour, just came home at this moment to pick up so electrical tape so the 300 yard extension cord does not get wert since it is under two inches of water. But, the good news is that the inside of your cabin is almost dry.