Sunday, July 08, 2007

Flat Top

I was bored and need to do something with these photo's.... so here...

The Poor kids, have been neglected, with me doing chores, us catching up on bills, and John working, I was afraid our house guest was bored (and I NEEDED them OUT of the house) so we went and did something FREE (Friday night). Valette and Steve joined us, but Tay and Rose stayed home (Rose has pneumonia, the reason we aren't in AP this 4th of July) and what an adventure. At first I wasn't sure what the weather was going to do.

The cloud looked like it was going to step on down town.
We lost Steve down lower but Valette and Sierra right behind me looking a little winded. The rest are probably at the top already.

Sierra wanted to show her parents the view of the Campbel Creek, there is a road following the power lines. We keep talking about traveling back there and staying the night. Someday!

I love to travel with Brit she is such a poser, here she is teasing Sierra trying to get her to Pose.

Super women wanted to fly. Her magic Daisy (hanging out of her head band) giving her the power.
Sierra only gave up one shot, with out a hand in the front of the face, maybe for she leaves I will get all the girls to give up some glamor shots.

The kids at the very top! I was suppose to be a group photo thing, but I had already used up all the time and the youngest ones wanted to LEAVE.

Danaldo (the little speck in between the hills) chooses a bad spot to go down.

Here is Valette, Steve and Donald... someone had the bright idea we will descend by the way of the old unmaintained trail, because its it's quicker.

These are the hare's, two of the three won the race.

Sunset overlooking Blueberry Hill and Anchorage, look closer and you will see our youngest on the ridge.

We all felt powerful after mastering the hike, my butt just started feeling the pain.


  1. Donald is not the brightest young man. Britt is such bout weird...looks like you had fun...and what a glorious sunset!

  2. Great photos and it looks like great fun!

    have you ever canooed Campbell Creek? THats fun, we used to put in at Lake Otis Park and get out right before Campell Lake. Takes a couple of hours depending how many times you want to paddle out at the falls under old seward hwy between the peanut farm and that burger place.

  3. I want to try that. I think we may need a small water craft, though.

  4. Looks as if you had a great time climbing the mountains, is McKinley in your plans in the near future? Hikes like that should at least wwear sopme of the energy off those young ones. Isn't Flat Top the mountian that your Uncle Dean did the concert on several years ago with the Anchorage Symphony?

  5. we used a 13ft canoe. and it was 20 years ago!

  6. That hike was so hard, but very rewarding. The view was amazing.

  7. That cloud shot you have could have been a tonado forming. You ought to have weather bureau in Anchorage look at it. You may have a rare shot indeed.