Wednesday, December 20, 2006

so much to do and so little time

So there are comment quirks on my site…I am sorry for the quirks….I have no idea what I did and ….I plan on not even looking at it until after the holidays….but I am sure it was user error…or the fact that you should not wait for Blogger Omega…

The season is running away from me only a few more days till Christmas. The cards just got out and I have not mailed one package. I have gotten my shopping done. We went on the annual family shopping trip Sunday and the girls have bought all of their gifts, Wal-Mart…one stop…I love it. We spent last Saturday getting a start on some candy making, Heather and Hunter enjoyed that.

Johns bosses threw another great Christmas Party (last Friday), we all missed Jeremy but enjoyed watching the entertaining drunk people. This year we were treated to a male stripper, his poor girlfriend was so embarrassed. I got JD home before he could get into trouble.

Christmas is a little different for me this year, the girls aren’t getting greedy and they are more concerned with others. In fact they aren’t even trying to peek. Tay gets in the car after school and is more concerned if I ate fast food without her, then the piles of packages trying to hide in the back seat. Don’t get me wrong they know every package under the tree, and they know that very few are for them, but they have not asked where theirs is. Byrd is the only one that has voiced any concern over this and it is more about “Why Dad has gotten SO MANY!”

I am looking forward to hosting Christmas dinner and am hoping to have most of family here to celebrate….I am crossing my fingers and getting a little nervous…I have my food list made up and plan on shopping tomorrow. How will I ever get enough chairs??? much to do and so little time….I LOVE IT!!!



  1. Merry Christmas! I am going to get my shopping done, one of these days - been to busy plowing snow, got anhother big blizzard trhough here last night. Like you, I still have all my candy to make, bought all the ingriuedients but forgot the marshmellow creeme. I can make the coandy while I am rtrying to finish up the annual Christmas letter - Yeh, I am on top of it this year!

  2. Heidi, It worked - you are such a great "tinker"

  3. I went back to the Byrd posting to see if I could leave a comment, it worked just fine this tgime. I wonder if it was a server problem? I really did make a dozen attempts to comment with no sucess - but it appears to be working fine nbow - good job!

  4. I just got my tree up...i still have last minute shopping to do..rueger just ate almost a pound of choc. candy and the snow keeps falling...yeah it looks like christmas!

  5. Merry Christmas Heidi!

    My sister switched over to Beta and now can't post. I haven't made the leap yet. Was it a Beta problem you had?

  6. I didn't have any issues switching over and everything works great. I love the "posting" page. It did take a day for me to be able to actually post anything though....