Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Quick Look at Our Fourth

Picture of the week!
(You got to click it to appreciate it)

What I didn't take a picture of the catch of the week!
My 8 pound dolly I caught while trolling for Kings.
Which was way bigger then the Halibut Tad snagged!

Really... I meant to focus on the rock...curse it all!

Heathers find.

This shot was requested, the truck belonged to an old man from Oklahoma. I wonder why his ball is upside down?

Beach run.

He looks like he has seen this done.
(don't worry an intense gun safety class was attended by all)

Watch it, Granny's got a gun!


  1. Some great shots, the picture of Brer Bear in the trailer is classic, got a good idea for it but the net has ears. Also a good shot of Hunbter with the .22 pistol. Next is Skeet Shooting! Good job and that was really a very nice Dolly that you caught, you are a real fisherman :)

  2. As for the ball hitch, I have seen that guy launching a little boat at the mouth of the river - I do not know, perhaps it is an upside down trailer!

  3. Oh, I forgot, I was with you when you took the picture!