Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dear John,

Thank you for the lovely gift, it was a nice surprise to see after a long day of grocery shopping, baking, cooking your dinner; not to mention the long month of dealing with a cranky night working husband and PMS'ing "pre"-teens. I can take a hint, I understand that I have been a bit grumpy, but I am sure mad is much to strong of a word. Sure maybe hostile, quarrelsome, resisting; or maybe antisocial, cold, cool, disagreeable, disapproving, distant, frigid, or icy; but mad? Maybe you meant crazy mad, but really you and me switch spots and we will see who is the grounded one.

I apologize for making you feel disregarded, forgotten, ignored, or overlooked; but promise that as soon as your socks and underwear are folded, the cat box is clean and the the summer toys are washed I will be feeling a bit more like my self; maybe a bit more caring, compassionate, considerate, cordial, doting, forgiving, friendly, kind, warmhearted; and if you are really lucky ardent, fervent, passionate, warm; amatory, amorous, erotic; enamored, infatuated, lovesick; mushy, romantic, and sentimental.

Your loving housewife?

PS- please, I am not quite sure I am feeling it. Please send another bottle (or two) and the rest of dirty laundry...and don't forget to feed the cat.


  1. After 41 years 363 days of marriage, I am not even going to comment! I have learned that much in that length if time. Besides it is going to take me a few days to go through my Webster's New dictionary and Thessaurus to interpet all of your words.

  2. lol and still laughing knew you could do it....hehehe

  3. ...First you'll darn my socks and mend my britches,....then put another log on the fire...ya-da-da-da-daaaaa....

  4. chicken butt....she is mad people...and he has gone crazy!!!! hehehehehehe

  5. That was hilarious!

    Come on